Ascentech Street Light Model No. FGSL-25

Ascentech Street Light Model No. FGSL-25

  • Brand – ASCENTECH
  • Light Color- Cool White
  • Material – Aluminum 
  • Operating Voltage – 220-240 AC
  • Usage/Application – Outdoor
  • Light Source Type – LED
  • Style – Modern
  • Mounting Type – ‎Wall, Pole
  • Power Source – AC

Product Description:-

The street light casts a warm glow, illuminating our paths. Its slender pole, typically crafted from steel or concrete, stretches skyward, anchoring a black metal arm that cradles the light source itself. This can be a classic globe-shaped bulb, or a more modern LED panel, bathed in an orange hue for better night vision. The light cuts through the darkness, creating a pool of illumination on the pavement below, guiding pedestrians and drivers safely on their way. Even when the sun dips low, these silent guardians ensure our evenings are bathed in a reassuring, artificial light. click here


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