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Who We Are


Ascentech Lightening Solution, a TUV certified ISO 9001 & 14001 organization, has been a leading name in LED lighting for over a decade. Ascentech  is recognized as an R&D house by the Department of Scientific and  Industrial Research, Government of India. Ascentech has state-of-the-art  testing equipment’s and conceives, designs and makes LED based  products, including all electronics like led PCB's, LED drivers and  fixtures. After final assembly, extensive in-house testing is done  before supplying products to the market.

Ascentech  management comprises top professionals from various prestigious  universities from all over the world. It has two manufacturing units,  equipped with state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment,  employing over 150 personnel. It manufactures over a 100 products.

Ascentech  has developed the technology behind LED-lighting systems after  investing many man-years in R&D, mastering the technology –  electronics and optics. LED’s are incredibly long lasting, energy  efficient, virtually unbreakable, versatile, directional and, most  important of all, environmentally friendly, saving emissions of millions  of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from use of incandescent  bulbs which only convert about 5% of electrical energy to light, wasting  the rest.




We,  at Ascentech, believe that it is critical for our products to have  better illumination ability and energy efficiency and be also 100%  fault-free. Therefore, to deliver the best quality products, we have  followed a quality management process that adheres to international  standards. We are backed by a pool of quality personnel who regularly  check the production process to ensure that we leave no loopholes for  any kind of flaws to occur. The quality testing process enables us to  test our products on all different parameters such as:

Ø  Better illumination capacity.

Ø  Low power consuming.

Ø  Zero Failure Policy

Ø  No maintenance

Ø  Long Working life ( >50,000 hours)

Ø  Use of SMPS design.

Ø  Simple installation

Ø  Reliable.